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Špania Dolina

This tour will take you to Špania dolina – the most charming village in Slovakia. Located in Central Slovakia in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, lovely in all seasons. The village is situated 11 km north from a nearby town Banská Bystrica, on the border of two mountain ranges – Nízke Tatry and Veľká Fatra. Because of mining the history of the village goes back to ancient times. The most significant time is connected to a 15th century Thurzo – Fugger Ungarischer Handel – a copper mining company known around the world. Now a village with beautiful mining architecture, located at the end of the road and therefore quiet with the freshest air. On the way back we will also stop in another mining town called Banská Bystrica and a village that has a wooden church listed as one of the Slovak UNESCO sights. 


→ Our destination is located about two hours drive from Bratislava. In the middle of our journey we will stop for coffee in Beladice manor-house built in 1820. Right after we will continue to our destination – Špania Dolina

→ We will walk around the village and to a viewpoint offering nice views of the surrounding nature. We will also visit a 13th century church, village pub, a local house and talk about mining and brown bears.

→ Afterwards we will move to a nearby town Banská Bystrica for a while. Our final stop will be Hronsek – a village locally famous for its wooden church (UNESCO) – built from nothing else but wood. Return to Bratislava.



  • Start: 8.30 (let me know if you would like to start earlier or later)
  • Pick up and return: your hotel (let me know if you would like to start somewhere else)
  • End: 19.00 – 20.00
  • Price: 70 eur/ per person (group of 3 pax)
  • The price includes: driver/guide
  • Other prices apply for different group size. Please let me know in advance how large is your group and we will negotiate the exact price.

The tour is available in all seasons, all year around. There might be changes because of weather and opening hours of sights. The exact itinerary will be agreed before the tour start. This is a full day tour, if you would like to do more, and return to Bratislava later, we can always add some extra activities.

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