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Tasty Bratislava

Let’s go eat and drink in Bratislava. Let’s visit some cool places that serve local delicacies, street food, and drinks.

How does it work? Tell me your expectations and I will prepare an itinerary you would like. The tour usually takes 4 hours and it could be based on traditional food. We can focus on sweets. Beer, Slovak spirits and local bars. My friend could also take you to vegan restaurants. We will also visit and talk about a few sights and enjoy a regular day in Bratislava.


My favourite route that has a little bit of everything is the following:

→  We would start at a local fruit and vegetable market. Great place to take pictures of everyday life and talk about everyday life. Here we will try typical pastries and local wine.
→  Do you like coffee? Great! We will continue with a coffee in a cool coffee shop.
→  On the way we will also visit and talk about a few sights, history, and other topics.
→  Time for the main course. You choose any typical Slovak meal – halušky, segedín, rezeň, strapačky, sviečková, and many others.
→  Here in Slovakia we are experts in distilled spirits production. We will try some of them in a few different bars.
→  And finally something sweet. My favourite meal – palacinky! Similar but smaller then French crepes filled with sweet, savory or salty ingredients.

(other meals and drinks I can tell you about and we can try would be treska – fish salad, nakladaný hermelín – pickled cheese, Kofola, Vinea, kapustnica – sauer kraut soup, cesnačka – garlic soup, lentil soup, Fatra, medovina, filled paprika, trdelník, and many others..)

PRICE: 60 eur